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ISA Certified Arborist Des Moines, Iowa
Tree Service Des Moines, Iowa
Tree Care Des Moines
Des Moines, Iowa
Arborist Des Moines, Iowa
Olson Tree Care

Arborist Des Moines​​​

Arborist Chris Olson

Volunteer Trees


       Olson Tree Care in Des Moines, Iowa has found that manicured landscapes become unmanageable to a Tree Services with the volunteer growth of trees. 


       The common practice is removal of new growth, desiring to keep a short lived plant with little benefits to the environment. 

       Over the years the Des Moines Arborist at Olson Tree Care has found 1 consistently good tree that has great root establishment, increased disease tolerance and overall tree vigor..... the Volunteer Tree. 

       These Volunteer Trees are there for a reason..... suitable environment. Without ID, at a glance, it appears that in one location there is a mulberry and elm. What great tree diversity! The cultural practice of aesthetic manicuring is soon to go by the wayside to a future of value. 

       Tree value can be summed up as follows. 

       - Tree Selection of low cost and good health that will require little to no maintenance as it grows to a long lived maturity. 

       The Volunteer Tree in a yard is of more value than a tree purchased and maintained. Free is good, so if you can, let trees volunteer.

Tree Volunteers

Tree Volunteers