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Tree Removal In Des Moines

   While Tree Removal is not always the first option of Olson Tree Care, we may often be compelled due to damage or clearance needs. Once the removal is complete many are left with an unsightly stump to mow around for years to come, making one wonder.... why?

A simple Stump Removal can provide a tree owner with a wide array of benefits, such as Grass or Tree Replacement, Insect Mitigation, Nuisance/Trip Hazard and Aesthetic Appeal. These listed reasons are valid and stumps may also impact the value of your property preventing a seamless landscape. So one might ask the question, why not Grind a Stump?

How much does it cost to Remove a Tree in Des Moines?

The cost of Removal of a Tree in Des Moines on average with a Des Moines Tree Service generally runs 10-20% the price of the removal. In some cases the price my increase due to excessive above ground root growth, obstructions in or around the stump or the density of the wood. In these cases leaving a stump may prove to be more cost effective and using the stump as a stand for a pot may be economically beneficial.

In other cases when a tree stump is left in a common area after Removal, and no complications are present, a tree owner may find that Winter hiring of a Local Tree Service Company may run a little bit cheaper. Often the slightly reduced work load of winter Tree Trimming Services in Des Moines, will provide a hole in the our schedule allowing you to possibly cut the cost of your stump grinding.