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What is a Certified Arborist?  

- An ISA Certified specialist in the care and maintenance of Trees. 

      With years experience and credentials across the country, Olson Tree Care is a viable option providing experienced Tree Services in West Des Moines, Iowa. With Advanced Arboriculture Training and Knowledge of Integrated Pest Management and Best Management Practices we have the insight, history and ability to care for your trees. We are reaching for the highest level allowing you to have a first class option in Arboriculture.


Prevention Though Education 

       An ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of cure they say. This prevention is utilized by implementation of ANSI Industry Standards. These standards are contributed to by the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) who Certifies Arborists with strict Testing and Oversight. We are proud to have and Arborist who is Certified and pursuing ongoing education in Horticulture. Verify our ISA Certified Arborist status at Trees are Good.

Learn more about Trees!

Arboriculture = The Cultivation, Management and Study of Trees.

Arborist = A Professional in the practice of Arboriculture.


        With the above said it is understood that an Arborist may be more advanced on any given subject. Often Arborists have areas of expertise i.e. Climbing, Diagnosis, Cultivations etc. While every Arborist is expected to be familiar with all subjects, mastery may only be in a few.


       We have been selected time and again as a leading provider of Arboriculture Services in Iowa. With First Class Training, World Renowned Tree Accreditation's and a Family atmosphere, you can trust that we have your tree's best interest at heart. 

How Olson Tree Care Started

       Growing up out in the middle of nowhere our playground was a cornfield or that one remaining tree (no playground sets or swings in our childhood). Until our teen years we climbed that tree, made friends and had adventure after adventure in that tree. Wooden steps led up towards the top and only the bravest among us would venture out into the canopy. Twice I recall my brother and neighboring friend falling from the tree with a resounding thud.

Tree Service in Des Moines

       Years later that tree is the one common thread, that my brother and I can trace back to, giving reason on how we both ended up as arborists. While other friends went on to be Doctors or Teachers we both found ourselves drawn to the field of Arboriculture in one way or another. 40 years later we both have had separate competing Tree Services and have put trees first for a very long time. Maybe it has been our way to revisit our childhood and be in touch with the environment that we grew up in. Very simply put, tree's feel like home.