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Tree Service Des Moines
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   Olson Tree Care​​​  

Diagnostic and Consulting Tree Care Arborist.

Ash Borer Treatment Des Moines.

Check the EAB Spread in Des Moines Iowa

Olson Tree Care follows the Pheno Forcast which will gives us the latest updates as to the invasive spread of the Ash Borer. This information will help determine the critical life stages of the pest and better assist Iowans with the control of EAB.

Determine an approximate cost of EAB Management.

Send us your cbh or dbh to determine an approximate cost of Ash Borer Injection and the long term value of injection and your Ash Tree. This step is only an approximate and will help Des Moines better understand cost of treatment vs. value.

Use Tree-age  Emamectin Benzoate 9.7%

With Soil Drench Techniques causing untold environmental harm and Slow Dissolve Tree Plugs failing to protect our Ash Trees, Arbor Jet came out with Tree-Age R10. This is the latest science in protection offering up to 2 years of EAB Ash Borer protection.

Small injection sites with the Arborjet Trunk injection system.

Olson Tree Care uses the latest equipment to inject the Emamectin Benzoate 9.7%. The Arbor jet Quick-Jet Air kit is specifically desirable for Ash Borer Treatments in Des Moines, Iowa. This method is the least intrusive to the tree allowing repeated treatments that are less frequent due to the effective nature of the trunk injection system put out by Arbor Jet.

Schedule EAB Injection w/ Olson Tree Care

Simply provide us with your trees circumference at about 4 feet high. This will allow us to calculate diameter and cost. For special requests and circumstances we may come out to measure your trees for you. In addition, please keep in mind that injections are administered at the most effective time of uptake and are withheld should your tree have excessive decay.