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Welcome to Olson Tree Care!

Tree Service West Des Moines Iowa.

Olson Family

       Olson Tree Care is a Local Small Business that employs research-based practices, revolving around the latest in tree management. Our goal is to develop a relationship, that will be a benefit, to you and your trees for years to come.

       ISA Certified Arborist Chris Olson provides outstanding Tree Service in West Des Moines possessing a First Class Tree Care Education, Work Ethic and Reputation. 

We care enough about you the customer to be ...

  • ISA Certified Arborist (WE-12363A)
  • Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ)
  • State Licensed Residential and Commercial Pesticide Applicator Company
  • State Registered Contractor
  • Better Business Bureau Accredited Business 
  • State Certified Residential and Commercial Applicator
  • TCIA Tree Care Specialist Certificate Holder
  • Insured 

       Please visit our Reviews, Certifications, Accreditations and Articles online that speak of our standards and workmanship in Iowa.

Experienced Tree Care

       For over a decade Certified Arborist WE-12363A (TRAQ) Chris Olson led the industry with his Field Study and Research on the management and cultivation of the trees. His current role as Owner/Arborist has proven to be rewarding, the perfect fit, providing Iowa with a unique option in the world of Tree Philosophy

       Our hope is that your particular need is met through the combination of Education, Qualifications and Work Ethic that our business model provides.  We will care for your trees with the same level of effort that we would use on our own trees, providing you with the best available Tree Services in West Des Moines.

Des Moines Tree Services

Tree Service Education 

Tree Service Des Moines IA

       As our CEU's accumulate, along with observational data, we hope to provide a new logical theory on arboriculture practices in the midwest. Starting with, but not limited to, the effects of inclement weather on tree populations.

Our Process and Methodology

       Our focus is on ANSI Standards provided through ISA/ TCIA Training and Certification. These standards are carried out with Best Management Practices taking every precaution to implement a plan of success for you and your trees. 

1. We Identify the Tree and its needs. 

       This step is critical in identifying the value, vitality, age and improvable areas of a Tree. The Tree at the time of Evaluation can be assessed by Certified Arborist Chris Olson as to species, health, age, target and aesthetics needs. 

       Our Tree Care Plan consists of various degrees of cleaning, raising, reducing or thinning in combination with the latest care techniques. Following this plan of action will assist the tree, limit stress, while also addressing the aesthetic desires of the Tree Owner. Balancing the needs of the Tree and Owner required for a properly functioning symbiotic relationship.

       To more properly identify Tree and Disease we created our own Arborist Field Guide to assist in the evaluation of Trees in Des Moines, Iowa.

2. We Select the Tree Equipment and Process.

       This step is important to our success, having completed tens of thousands of jobs efficiently without an accident. While other companies may boast about having

the biggest equipment and most employees, we at Olson Tree Care would rather boast our track record, process and research. 

       Determining the process also includes the methodology enacted while executing the Tree Care Plan. This can be reflected through use of restraint, limiting cuts preventing stress or by instinct, placing educated cuts that maximize a renovation. Cutting more tree parts is a cheaper endeavor than educated tree cuts. Removing a whole branch takes 1 cut while thinning the branch by 30% with distributed cuts for optimum health requires many cuts by a trained arborist.

       Our desire is not to take on every job, but that every job we take on, we do well. Doing well requires assessment of equipment and process to begin. 

3. Sterilization

       Sterilization of equipment is key to limit disease spread in Iowa. Due to our wet and cool environment, Fungi and Bacteria thrive in Iowa. Often fungal pathogens can be spread from Tree to Tree by a cutting tool. Some studies have shown Fungi to be the number 1 detriment to Trees in Iowa.

        Trees are Living Organisms, under intense micro organism attack that increases as they mature. The more dead wood and damage a Tree has, the more wood decay fungi may spread.

       While often Fungi is spread through insects, it may also be spread by an unsuspecting Arborist Tree Saw. Following our Code of Ethics with the ISA we strive to put trees and their Owners interests first in all we do.

4. Completion of the Tree Project to your satisfaction.

       Finally we reach the end of an assignment. Our goal is to leave you happy and the tree even happier. Often Tree Care success or failure, in the eye of the Tree Owner, is determined by Aesthetics.

       Trimming for aesthetics leaves a tree open to cultural influences that may or may not be healthy for the life of the tree. In Iowa, aggressive removal of tree parts has went unchecked for decades, hidden by a stable health environment. As drought and inclement weather continues in the midwest, these aggressive practices, will lead to a damaged tree population. 

       Our hope is that we offer a balance to both parties, the Tree and Tree Owner. This, after all, is in the best interest of both parties. 

       How we view our Trees at times may effect how we will care for them over the coming years. In return, a Trees vitality will effect how it looks for years to come. It is a symbiotic relationship of sorts that we hope to marry, if at all possible. Often less is more and prevention is better than cure.

What our customers are saying

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

We are so thankful we contacted Olson Tree Care about our trees! We couldn’t be more impressed with their professionalism followed by a thoughtful assessment and recommendation for our trees. It’s hard to find a true arborist anymore and we are so glad we did!

Andrea- West Des Moines

 Tree Services by Certified Arborist Chris Olson

  • Tree Spraying ie needle cast, pest management (may require evaluation/diagnosis)

  • Tree Injection ie oak wilt, micro nutrient, fire blight (may require evaluation/diagnosis)

  • Consultation $55+

  • Visual Health/Disease Evaluation $55 (per tree)

  • Level 2 basic visual Tree Risk Assessment 75$ (per tree)

  • Level 3 advanced assessment options 
(level 2 required first) 
Aerial Inspection $350+
Foliar Analysis $85 per sample 
Soil Nutrient Analysis $85 per sample

  • Emerald Ash Borer Basal Injection 

Tree-age R10 (Emamectin Benzoate: 9.7%)

10-12$ per inch of DBH at 4 feet high (Circumference at 4’ high needed for pricing) 

       Its no secret, We Love Trees!


       Often Tree Trimming can be 90% for the tree owners benefit and only 10% for the tree. 

What can we do to help our tree?


       1. Trim only 1 to 2 times for the life of the tree. Excessive Tree Pruning may open tree's to the spread of Micro-organisms, pests, decay and reduce overall tree vigor leading to unwanted Removal of your Tree.


      2. Identify deficiencies and assist. Often trees require additional water for uptake, various amounts of nutrients or often times pest/insect mitigation to extend the life of the tree. Your local Certified Arborist can help with an evaluation.

  • Tree Trimming 
  •  Removal of parts of a Tree to improve health, clearance or appearance. Des Moines Tree Trimming Service often are done at different times of the year based on tree type.
  • Tree Pest Management 
  • Treatment of common Iowa Tree Pests through Integrated Pest Management. Tree Pest Management in Des Moines keys around Emerald Ash Borer Treatment and a wide variety of Fungal Tree Diseases.

  • Tree Removal 
  •  Removal of a Tree, due to Damage or Clearing requirement using a variety of Arboriculture techniques. Tree Removal Service in Des Moines is often a result of diseased Trees or Clearing needs and completed by a Tree Surgeon. 

  • Stump Grinding 
  •  Use of a High-speed disk with carbide teeth that grinds Tree Stumps into chips. Des Moines Stump Grinding often is a Tree Service utilized long after the Removal of a Tree has taken place.